Planet 0

I don't think we're in Kansas Anymore
A Bright Blue Speck streaks across the sky

It’s nearing 3 am, Bella Lyons, and Ileana Dimir arrive home from a late night party only to see a bright blue speck travel across the sky. Still quite drunk they stumble into the elevator and up to their pent house to watch what they assume is a meteor shower. Ileana is the first to notice that it’s only one meteor and that it’s getting bigger and brighter in the sky. There’s a loud crash and a reverberating boom in the middle of central park.

Giddy and not tired enough by a long shot both of them make the short trek to Central park and find something neither of them expected.


Comet hopping is a great and wonderful pastime. Too bad it’s technically illegal. Especially in a no fly zone. Corvid Sagiel Menelathos (Aka. Adam) watched as a large chunk of space ice flew off the comet and bounced off the nose of his space jumper. His navigation systems out, he pulls from small gravity of the meteor and lands in an even bigger mess. The space junk hovering around Planet 0 is enough to knock him ass over tea kettle and into the planets gravity. Thrusts didn’t work, half his systems were offline, he was stuck, the only thing he could do was try to aim for the biggest open plot of land.

The crash wasn’t too bad, but his communications were out, his navigation was screwed and if he didn’t hide soon he’d end up meeting the one species he was not supposed to have any contact with at all.


“Crap! Nonononononono.” The camouflage settings on the ship were busted. In fact the only thing that seemed to work was the small portable computer that wasn’t attached to the main power supply.


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