Micah Austen


IQ: 14 ME: 17 MA: 18 PS: 39 PP: 18 PE: 25 PB: 37 Spd: 28


OCC Skills: Acrobatics, Advanced Mathematics, Athletics, Basic Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Science/Forensics, Detect Ambush, Gymnastics, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Intelligence, Interrogation, Medical Doctor, Pathology, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Wrestling.

Secondary Skills: Computer Operation, First Aid, Holistic Medicine, Language, Language, Literacy, Photography, Running, WP Automatic & Semi-Automatic Rifles, WP Automatic Pistol

Mutant Powers

Minor Super Abilities: Energy Expulsion: Light, Flight: Wingless, Healing Factor, Energy Expulsion: Light Explosion

Major Super Abilities: Divine Aura


Micah Austen was born on September 24, 1976, to Michael and Laura Austen. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Micah had a normal upbringing, and when she attained the age of 13, she was a typical teenager. Between the ages of 13 and 15, Micah experimented with alcohol and weed. One morning shortly before her birthday, she awoke to a blinding light in her room. She could barely see, and in a panic hollered for her mother and father. When they arrived in the room, they were blinded by the light. Her father grabbed a pair of sunglasses, and while the light was still bright, he was at least able to pinpoint shapes. He saw what appeared to be gigantic wings emerging from behind a figure approximately where his daughter was sitting. After a few minutes, the light started to fade, and Micah’s parents were able to tell that the light was coming from her, as were the wings. They didn’t say anything to Micah at that point, and said that she should go to her friend’s house so they could examine her room.

Once Micah left, her parents sat in the living room, and began a long discussion. After about 2 hours, they telephoned Micah and asked her to come home. Once she arrived they asked her to sit down so they could have a “family meeting”. At that point, Micah’s parents explained to her that they were mutants, and they believed that she had inherited that trait. At that point, her father stood up, and transformed his arm into a sword. He explained that while this was normal among them, it was not normal in the outside world. They had a long discussion, after which Micah felt much more comfortable with her newfound abilities. Her parents had been discussing moving to the states for sometime, and this newfound power made the decision for them. They decided to look for secluded farmland in New York.

Once they arrived at their new home, they set up an area in the barn for Micah to learn how to harness her new powers. Micah had discovered shortly after her powers first manifested that in order for her to use her powers, she would transform into an angelic being. She also soon discovered that her powers all seemed to have something to do with light. It was because of these changes that she began to change her ways, and see her gift as being from God. She stopped drinking and doing drugs, and devoted her spare time to studying, partially because she was afraid that her powers may come out while she partying. She graduated high school with a 4.0 average, and was accepted to Harvard University in the pre-med program. She spent all of her time studying, and completed the pre-med program in 3 years. She was then accepted into Harvard medical, where she received her PHD as a medical doctor and a medical investigator. She has since set up a practice where her patients are both “normal” and mutants.

When Micah was 21, she noticed that she still looked as she did in High School. When she turned 30, she was still getting asked for ID, as she was the exact image of her high school graduation photo. She decided to take a trip home and ask her parents about this. They told her that they had heard of this before, and took her to their doctor, who was also a mutant. He explained to her the theory behind “longevity”. He also ran some other tests, and noticed that her physical strength was off the charts. Micah had a very angelic appearance, even without her use of powers. The extra strength spoke to him though, and he gave her the number of a friend of his.

Micah visited the doctor’s friend, Adrien Lyons. It was he who helped Micah deal with her new found “strength”, and to keep it in check. Adrien told Micah that she was what was commonly referred to as a superhero. She had to keep this in check though, as she could cause serious harm to mortals. He also explained to her that her actual age and her age of appearance were probably part of this “superhero” ability. He also mentioned to Micah that there was quite possibly an “Achilles’ heel” that could affect her. After numerous discussions, Adrien asked Micah to show him some of her powers in action. He took her to one of the training rooms, where Micah began to take her shirt off. Adrien was in a separate room where he could observe, and was about to tell Micah that she did not have to get undressed when he noticed two large, white wings emerge from Micah’s back. Micah began to blast some of the items in the room with her light beams, Adrien noted that her wings began to glow with a white light. Adrien told Micah that he would help her in any way she needed, and that he was only a phone call away.

Micah then decided that this was to be her lot in life, and she should accept it. She told Adrien that she was going to go back to her medical practice, but she told him that if her powers or abilities would be of assistance to him or the MEA, for him to give her a call.

Micah Austen

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