IQ: 13 ME: 30 MA: 29 PS: 14 PP: 10 PE: 11 PB: 14 Spd: 20

ISP: 130


Computer Operation, Research, Surveillance Systems, Writing, Criminal Science, Intelligence, Law (General), Radio (Basic), Sense of Balance, Walk Tightrope or High Wire, Climb Rope, Backflip, Climb, Prowl, Work Parallel Bars or Rings, Camouflage, Motorcycle, Seduction


Healing Powers: Detect Psionics, Increased Healing, Psychic Diagnosis, Psychic Surgery, Bio-Regeneration

Physical Powers: Spontaneous Combustion, Nightvision, Telekinetic Punch, Ectoplasm, Telekinetic Push

Sensitive Powers: Astral Projection, Sixth Sense, Telepathy, Clairvoyance

Super Powers: Electrokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind Bond, Psi-Sword

Mutant Power: Bio-Ghost


Isabella “Bella” Lyons was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 13, 1986. She is the youngest of five children and the only daughter of Adrien, an oil tycoon, and Celeste Lyons, a stay at home mother. Her brothers are Jean-Luc (30), Henri (28), Phillippe (25), and Joseph (23).

Bella’s father believed the sun rose and set on her, and she could do no wrong in his eyes. She got into minor trouble in high school, but her father bailed her out, and she was never punished by her parents. Joseph would usually be the one to get into trouble when Bella did, simply because he didn’t help her out or steer her in the right direction. Due to this, her relationship with Joseph is the rockiest of them all. He didn’t like that Bella got away with everything, but even though he could be as mad at her as he wanted, no one else had the right to.

Jean-Luc and Bella are the closest of all the siblings, and Jean-Luc doted on her just like her father did. Her earliest memory is with Jean-Luc when she was three. He took her on all the rides she wanted to go on at the amusement park. Jean-Luc is and was her role model. If she ever thought that he was disappointed in her, it would absolutely devastate her.

When she was a child, she loved to play with her dolls, and listen to music. She dreamed of becoming a musician or an actress. She was very bossy with her friends, and but a sook when her parents were around. She was fairly popular as a child, but only had three real best friends, Natasha, Brianna, and Stephanie. They all had her personality traits, as they were from the same neighborhood with similar families.

When she was 12 years old, she had her first kiss with a boy named Jason. At the age of 16, she lost her virginity to her boyfriend at the time, Matthew. Shortly thereafter, she caught Matthew cheating on her, and her views on sex changed. She was in love with Matthew, and after catching him with someone else, she ended things. She began to feel that she was too young to be tied down, and began to play the field. She is very forward when it comes to sex, and believes in safe, casual sex. She does think that there is just one person she is meant to be with, but feels that she is too young to have that now, so she thinks that sex without attachments is perfect for her.

She first discovered her abilities when she was 17. She was in class and a girl named Angela was trying her best to ridicule her. Bella imagined herself hitting Angela, and the next thing she knew, Angela flew out of her chair, and smashed into the wall. Bella had only told Jean-Luc about what had happened. Jean-Luc took her to a psychic he had heard of. The psychic helped Bella get in touch with people who could help her control her new ability. Neither she nor Jean-Luc have ever told anyone.

After high school, Bella moved to New York to attend University. While there, she got pulled in to the rock n’ roll scene. She enjoyed school, but found that it interfered with her social life. She finished her first year of university, and then decided to stay in New York to attend the concerts and night ife she grew to love. She took on a job at a record store, and writes for an underground journal on the different bands to emerge from the underside of city life.

Bella is 5’4” and 110 lbs. She has auburn hair to her mid-back, and pure green eyes. She is Caucasian, and usually dresses like a “rocker girl” from the 80’s (bangle bracelets, heavy eyeliner, tight pants, vintage rock tees, etc.). She has no tattoos, and has a scar on her chin from when she was roughhousing with her brothers. She is right-handed, and has no known allergies or diseases. Her voice is very feminine, with a strong southern accent that masks her French accent. Her French accent comes out when she says certain words. She usually curses a lot, unless her parents are present. She always talks with her hands, and is a complete and utter neat freak. She never goes anywhere without her cell phone, I-Pod, lipstick, and eyeliner.

The scariest thing to ever happen to Bella would be the time that Jean-Luc was in a car accident. It was the longest drive she ever had to take. She didn’t know his condition until she got to the hospital. It turned out he just had whiplash.

Her greatest achievement in life was when she attended an Aerosmith concert and was pulled onto stage to sing with them. Her greatest regret in life was when she slept with Angela’s boyfriend at her senior prom.

She does not have a criminal record because her father made sure of that fact.

Bella will kill someone to save her own life or the lives of those closest to her. In her opinion, the worst thing anyone can do is genocide.

She believes the things that make a successful life are money, a famous man, and all the things that money can buy.

She is completely honest to those in her family, and those closest to her, but to no one else.

She is completely open to trying anything once.

The things she looks for in a potential lover is that he be a rock star, or at least hot. Basically, if she hears he is good in bed, she will try him out.

Her most prized possession is an amulet that Jean-Luc gave her on her 16th birthday (which, coincidently, was purchased from the same psychic that Jean-Luc took her to after her powers came to be.

Bella smokes and drinks, and occasionally uses marijuana. At this point in her life, she sees no need to quit.


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