IQ: 12 ME: 12 MA: 12 PS: 28 PP: 24 PE: 19 PB: 26 Spd: 25


Streetwise, Pick Locks, Computer Hacking, Seduction, Prowl, Hand to Hand Combat (Martial Arts), Detect Ambush, Intelligence, Wilderness Survival, Disguise, Forgery, Running, Climbing, Military Etiquette, Radio (Basic), WP (Rifle), Recognize Weapon Quality, Athletics, Boxing, Gymnastics, Detect Concealment, Escape Artist, Sniper, WP (Semi-Automatic Pistol), Land Navigation, Language, Acrobatics


Minor Abilities: Flight (Wingless), Alter Physical Body, Energy Expulsion (Electricity), Healing Factor

Major Abilities: Alter Physical Structure (Electricity)


Leia is the second child of Sir Michael Bentham and Lady Katherine Bentham. Sir Michael Bentham is the head of the MI6. Leia is named after princess Leia of Star Wars fame, as her father was a fan of the movies. She has an older brother named Lucas (so named for the same reason). Lucas was born on September 2, 1977, while Leia was born on Tuesday, November 11, 1980.

Leia was raised in the small farm community of Framfield, approximately an hour and a half to the southeast of London.

Her powers first came to light when Leia was about 13 years old. She was skipping school and saw her father around the corner. She was scared that he may have seen her and took off running. She cut through a toxic waste dump (not knowing what it was), fell in and realized that she had felt different. A few days later, she woke up in the morning floating about 2 feet off of her bed. She panicked and fell to the ground, causing an electrical bolt to fly across her room, destroying her bedside clock. As she looked around, her mother ran into the room, frantic, wondering what happened. Leia told her she had had a bad dream and must of fallen out of bed, taking her clock down with her. This appeased her mother and mother left her room.

Over the next few weeks, Leia spent her time alone, to try to get a handle on her powers. It took her awhile, but she did get the hang of them. She told no one of these powers, and lived her life as best she could.

She graduated high school two years early, mostly because she felt so different from her peers, that she did away with her social life and devoted all her time to her school work. Once she graduated she enrolled in the University of Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, approximately 2 hours to the northwest of Framfield. She joined the British version of the ROTC while in university. Once she graduated from Oxford, after studying history, she took her father’s advice and went through the necessary training. Before she fully completed her training, she decided against going into MI6, simply because she did not want to risk getting caught in a recognizance mission, and have her powers found out.

The night before she would find out if she was accepted into MI6, she packed up her belongings, and took a plane to America. Once she landed, she was approached by a southern gentleman, who introduced himself as Adrien Lyons. He explained to her about the MHI, and told her he knew about her powers.

He took her in and had her trained, and then introduced her to his son, Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc and Leia became partners, and took over one of the safe houses for other children and people with similar abilities. Leia and Jean-Luc proceeded to teach new people how to handle their powers.

Leia is approximately 5’6’, 115 lbs. She has long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is very fit, with no tattoos or piercings. She has numerous scars from all of her training, but she can’t name how she got each one, as she never really noticed when she would get injured.

Leia is very hard not to notice, as one of her mutations appeared in the form of “angelic, beautiful face” (which adds 1d6+4 to PB). However, due to all of her training, she is especially good at disguise, and she can alter minor parts of her physique.


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