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    h1. Table of Contents * [[Dramatis Personae]] * [[NPCS]] h1. The World * [[The Agency | The Agency]] * [[MHI]] * [[MEA]] * [[Biomatics]] * [[The Government]] * [[Meta Human]] * [[Magic]] h1. Credits * [[banner …

  • Biomatics

    [[Biomatics]] is a multinational conglomerate with ties to both the public and private sector. On the surface, they're responsible for several high end cosmetic lines, a major lobbyist for genetic research and stem cell research. They also have a several …

  • The Agency

    [[The Agency]] is thought to be responsible for most of the atrocities committed against Meta human kind in the last forty years. Rumours spread fast about their practices but no one is sure who they are or where they're located.

  • Dramatis Personae

    p=. Cast of Characters p. [[:bella-lyons]] - youngest child of a Louisiana Oil Tycoon. p. [[:21139 | Ileana Dimir]] - sole heir of an English Nobility. Cousins out to kill her if given half a chance. p. [[:corvid-sagiel | Adam]] - Alien …