John's Journal

February 23rd 2009

I had awoken covered in sand on a beach somewhere in in California, a place I was quite familiar with. I’m not sure how I had gotten there, because the last thing I remember is being locked inside a glass experiment box being filled with water and injected with a chemical that They had called h2ox. Not long after I woke up, I was quickly confronted by two men in suits, they offered me a place to lay low for awhile, apparently I was of special interest to them. That just turned out great…

February 24th 2009

I was dropped off at some hick farm in the middle of Tennessee. It appeared to be some kind of camp with children running about, each one of them with powers; though that wasn’t the strangest thing. A blue Alien looking creature bouncing off the walls seemed to be the normal thing to here. My former employers would most likely want to get there hands on him. I was escorted inside the house and into the basement into an investigation room which looked much like a library. They began asking questions to which I was very hesitant to answer. I’m not going to tell a bunch of people I have never met things that are personal to me. One man however; Jean-Luc, I believe his name was told me that he would be willing to earn my trust if I in return gave him the information he sought. However; moments later a beautiful young lady entered; sat beside me; placed her hand on my thigh and I could see memories of everything she had done, including her not so proud moments. It was then I realized that she had the power to read my mind.

One thing I was taught is that information is a powerful tool, and if Information was to leak out to eliminate everyone. Despite my instincts I took my medication just a bit to late, and began absorbing all the water within a mile, and as I reached the room height I exploded poisoning the one who read my mind, and escaped through the air currents after I got outside. Plants, animals, water, humans anything that was in the area that I had passed through began dying from the poison that I have contained within me.

A number of hours later I returned to the camp and told everyone to get out of the area, that THEY would be coming very quickly; and I was right. I managed to distract them by using my powers to scare them off, however I know they won’t be gone for long. They’ll be back.

John's Journal

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